The new idents were introduced on Good Friday 29th March 2002.

The first ident to be shown was BBC ONE Capoeira at 9:00 AM.

Acrobats (15s/902 Kb)

Ballet (18s/1.21 Mb)

Ballet (23s/1.56 Mb)

Capoeira (13s/775 Kb)

Haka (14s/862 Kb)

Hip Hop (9s/605 Kb)

Salsa (13s/909 Kb)

Tap Dogs 4:3 (17s/1.03 Mb)

Skateboarders (10s/987 kb) 24/11/2003

Tai Chi (10s/897 kb) 24/11/2003

Christmas 2002 (15s/1.39 Mb)

Christmas 2002 (16s/1.45 Mb)

Christmas 2002 short (9s/620 kb)

used before the news or serious programs

Christmas 2002 - Animation 1 (3s/414 kb)

Christmas 2002 - Animation 2 (3s/247 kb)

Menu (19s/1.33 Mb)

THE ONE Promo (60s/3.62 Mb)

THE ONE Promo Short (10s/742 Kb)

Promo (13s/943 Kb)

Parkinson Promo (16s/1.01 Mb)

Jungle (30s/2.61 Mb) 24/11/2003

Tonight (20s/1.73 Mb) 24/11/2003

Countryfile - close (30s/1.97 Mb)

The National Lottery - Jet Set - close (32s/1.85 Mb)

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