Not a re-launch, but still an identity revolution

The new schedule, launched on September 16th 2002, contained some new shows and a tweaked structure, but was not substantially different. We didn’t call it a re-launch because it was not a product revolution.

What we did do on the 16th September, was to dramatically and symbolically cut the most visible links with the popular view of the “old 5”. We signified the start of a new era through a complete change of identity on air.

We didn’t hang on to the past, and 5 became Five. Continuity announcers were replaced. Our on-screen bug was removed. The beloved tuning bar disappeared. ‘Slice of life’ idents were aired between programmes. Programmes were trailed through snippets of transcribed speech or conversation. Language became visual, and colourful; and, in the case of Home & Away in particular, took on dramatic, new meaning.

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channel 5 becomes five (Extracted from the August 23, 2002 press release)

[..] Following a highly competitive pitch process a trio of leading consultancies was selected to help execute the marketing strategy devised by Pullan and his team: creative strategists WalkerBannisterBuss; design agency Spin and advertising company TBWALondon, who all worked alongside Five's in-house marketing department on the different elements of the campaign.

WalkerBannisterBuss worked closely with Five's creative strategy team in Programming and Marketing to help identify and articulate the channel's positioning moving forward.

WBB helped to distil key themes from existing and new research, and to formulate potential positioning for the channel, before working with the team to identify the channel's core values and organising thought.

The Spin team of Creative Director, Warren Beeby, Group Account Director Martin Saunders and Senior Designer, Chris Turner, worked with Five's in-house Creative Services department to create an entirely fresh on-air look comprising an integrated graphics system and a new logo, plus personality-defining live-action idents.

One of the key changes will be the removal of the five toned "colour bar", which has appeared as a flash between ads since launch, in addition to being part of the logo.

The original colours have now been expanded to five distinct palettes, each comprising five colours. The evolution will see the channel using colour in a more engaging way which will better reflect the diverse moods and voice of the channel.

The channel's logo, previously the number 5 within a circle supported by the colour bar, will now be replaced by Five, which will always appear in lower case in the mark.

Five will also be the first channel to regularly use purely typographical promos - which will see copy-written type overlaid over sound bites from the channel's key shows. This method will complement more traditional on-air promotions. The new on-air identity will be complemented by specially commissioned music from leading cutting edge commercial artists, as well as expanded usage of commercial music which will be licensed from record companies and music publishers. [..]

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No un relanzamiento, sino una revolución de imagen

La nueva programación, lanzada el 16 de septiembre de 2002, contenía algunos programas nuevos y una estructura retocada ligeramente, pero no era sustancialmente diferente. No lo llamamos un relanzamiento porque no era una revolución del contenido.

Lo que hicimos el 16 de septiembre, fue cortar dramáticamente y simbólicamente todas las conexiones con la visión popular de la "vieja 5". Nosotros resaltamos el comienzo de una nueva era mediante un cambio completo de nuestra imagen en cadena.

Nosotros no nos agarramos al pasado, y 5 pasó a ser Five (Cinco). Las voces en off fueron remplazadas. Nuestra mosca fue eliminada. La querida línea de sintonización desapareció. Las cortinas ‘Trozos de vida’ fueron emitidas entre programas. Los programas fueron promocionados a través de fragmentos de discursos o conversaciones. El lenguaje pasó a ser visual, y colorido; y, en el caso de Home & Away en particular, tomó un dramático, nuevo significado.

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